Tailor made event production


Breaking down weddings into categories based on their components helps build a package just for you.

Single room wedding, reception only OR Single room wedding, ceremony & reception

Multi-room wedding, reception only OR Multi-room wedding, ceremony & reception

Managing the audio and visual production for each component of your wedding with style.  Planning on a video or slideshow?  We can set up HDTV's or projection in the most discreet manner to ensure the equipment blends into the background.

Send an email to have a custom package made for you!


Ceremony sound is as critical as your vows.


If your ceremony is outside or in a hall you require proper amplification and microphones to ensure your officiant is clearly heard along with your vows.  Without proper sound, only the first row of guests will hear you clearly.

Making sure your reveal is timed perfectly to the music is also key.  All in a days work for KW Bespoke Weddings!  We give you a planner to help lay out these details and meet with you in person to smooth out the finer points.



A time to sit, chat and dine with your loved ones.


Your reception gives your guests time to absorb the wonderful events of the day.  You'll want a wireless mic at the podium for speeches, a great list of background music for dinner and possibly lighting to set the ambience.

We'll help you do an epic intro for your guests!


After a lovely day with your family and friends it's time to let loose.


We help you build a list of your favourite songs and merge them with requests made right on the dance floor.  These requests are then combined with the latest hits and classics for a one of a kind set list with a real DJ.


Using programmable lighting helps set the atmosphere by changing the colours of a room and adding movement to the dance floor.